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The Business Buying Accelerator Is...

A High Ticket ($1,997) Webinar Funnel Offer with a Proven Track Record of Paying HUGE Commissions to Our JV Partners, Offering “How To Buy A Profitable, Established Business Using Other People’s Cash”

Below is a personal video invitation from Carl Allen, the $52 billion Wall Street M&A specialist-turned-serial-business-buyer, and trainer/coach to thousands of established entrepreneurs looking to scale their existing businesses through acquisition AND aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a smart and lucrative alternative to starting a new business.

Affiliate Details:

  • > Commission Payment Details:

> 50%. 80% paid within 7 days of confirmation of purchase.

  • > Price Point & Commissions:

> $1997 or 4 x $597. Commission on one time payment would be $898.65.

> Payment plan commission is $286.65 after receipt of each $597 payment.

  • > Conversions:

> From cold Facebook traffic: CPL = $5.82, CPS (customer) = $231.

  • > Affiliate Stats:

> $89.83 per registrant, $226.69 per webinar attendee (based on total revenue).

> Affiliate earning per attendee $102.01.

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General Program Description and Guarantee

> A 10 module program for buying small businesses, no-cash-down.

> The program is lifetime access and includes 24/7 email support.

> The webinar is pre-recorded/Evergreen and hosted via EverWebinar.

> Alternatively, for a large audience, the webinar can be presented live.

> Current control webinar replay link (no opt-in required):

2 guarantees:

(1) 60 day action based guarantee (requires a minimum amount of work to be completed)

(2) a 99 day completion challenge to have a deal closed inside of 99 days.

Current refund rates are (1) 1.3% and (2) 0% (1100+ customers)


The Business Buying Accelerator is TRANSFORMATIONAL for a variety of customer avatars

> Senior employees working in a larger business. 

> Entrepreneurs who would rather buy an existing business versus starting a new one.

> Real estate investors / flippers.

> Existing small business owners looking to expand via additional acquisitions.

> Consultants fixing businesses for fees who want to fix businesses they instead own.

> Franchise business seekers. 


The Business Buying Accelerator is an implementation system that coaches members through the following modules

Core coaching modules:

> Pre Season Training & Introduction to Deal Making

> Deal Specification

> Deal Origination

> Deal Analysis & Approach / Meetings

> Deal Financials & Structuring

> Deal Financing

> Deal Negotiation

> Deal Execution (Exclusivity, Due Diligence and Legals)

> Deal Closing


> Be a Dealmaking Consultant: Brokering Deals for Clients

> 100 Days to Grow and Optimize Your Business

> Bolt-on Acquisitions (additional businesses)

Ideal for the following niches

> Intermediate/Advanced business owners

> Entrepreneurs with little to no money investment capital

> Financial, real estate investing, and personal development lists


Member Testimonials

Tyron Cole, Cole Global Enterprises, Inc., Los Angeles, California

Daryas Miller-Powell, Copious Capital Investment, LLC., Chester, Virginia

Nathan Edelen Nathan Edelen, Orlando, Florida

Coming across Carl's program I finally was able to see the action steps to take so I could do it for myself without having to get a MBA. Even speaking with some friends who had MBA's I was able to show them things they weren't taught. If you dream of being a business owner and want to invest in a blueprint that will take you A-Z this would be it. I couldn't thank Carl more for giving me the keys to change my life and give myself the freedom to make money no matter where I go in the world.

Ralf Kaiser Ralf Kaiser, Alberta, Canada

"World-class" is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Carl Allen.  Carl was referred to me and my firm after conducting 6 months of due diligence on business acquisition and deal maker courses being sold today.  Business Giveaway Machine and Ninja Acquisitions are the best available anywhere in the world.  If you are looking for the best of the best for M&A, go with Carl Allen

Jason Ashcraft Jason Ashcraft, San Antonio, Texas

First off, I want to tell you again how much I appreciate everything you have taught me over the past 10 months.  Your guidance and mentoring have been invaluable to me, and I believe I am on a whole new level in my deal making career attributable entirely to your teaching.

Craig Greenhouse Craig Greenhouse, Portsmouth, UK

I have always wanted to move into company acquisition, but never managed to get it together before now. Using Carl’s brilliant program I have learned how to source and evaluate a great deal of leads, and know exactly how to approach owner meetings. Carl is a great mentor too, always swift to respond and very knowledgeable and encouraging.

Rob Moran Rob Moran, London, UK

After many years of trying to buy a business, Carl’s program and mentorship has now filled in the gaps and given me the tools to get over the line.

Lindsay Lyon Lindsay Lyon, Sydney, Australia

I actually used Carl’s system to buy two companies, one in the UK and one in Australia. He’s a good guy who knows his trade.

Phil Wofford Phil Wofford, Atlanta, Georgia

This is the program you want from the guy who does what he trains. You want Carl on your team!

Geoffrey Roberts Geoffrey Roberts, South Carolina, USA

After 3 months of trying the raise the money – I finally have it in my hand (It’s a long story I’ll have to share with you in person). I just closed $1 million a year home health care business with NO Money down.

JV Testimonials

Our partners have had impressive results partnering with us launching the Business Buying Accelerator to their lists and members

Jake Fouts, Co CEO, The Elevation Group

Andy Hussong, CEO, Aspire Ventures LLC

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